Dodging the Competition

The Dodgers Are Dodging Their Way Back into Their Winning Ways

Well, to be honest, there is a lot of dodgy business that is happening with the Dodgers. But of late, especially given their performance against the Giants, it is safe to say that more and more people are likely to get cheap Dodgers tickets and start flocking to the stands just to get a glimpse of the Dodgers playing. Three years ago, Matt Kemp was a highly respected Dodger with some brute power in his swing. This ability earned him a spot in the race to being the most valuable player. Kemp is a two-time MLB All-Star; an NL Home Run, RBI, and Runs Scored Leader; and a member of the 30–30 club. He has also received the NL Hank Aaron Award, the Silver Slugger Award (twice), the Rawlings Gold Glove Award (twice), and the Roy Campanella Award. However, after a series of injuries and rehabilitations, it is safe to say that the young player’s star was dimming, although not yet completely.

That would have been before he made a two-homer performance against the Giants to beat them 6-2. It was Kemp’s best performance in a long time. Not only that, it was also a bit of some much needed good news after Yasiel Puig failed to make the cut with a sore thumb—which kept many sports enthusiasts on their toes. However, it was later revealed that the star would be fine as he had just strained a ligament.

Another Dodger that will get you buying more cheap Dodgers tickets is Zack Greinke. It is not a surprise that this guy always makes the headlines. He has a knack for meeting the expectations of fans and even surpassing them—he was the 2009 MLB earned run average leader—and that is exactly what he did against the Giants as he pitched his team to see them run away with the win. From here things look quite bright not only for the Dodgers but also for the recently-activated-from-the-disabled-list Matt Kemp, especially given the stroke of luck he had to join the starting lineup and the fact that he did not disappoint. This bouncing back of Matt Kemp could be a breath of fresh air for a lot of Dodgers fans and for the man himself. It is worth sticking around and seeing what else the double homers have earned him aside from the instant rise to the limelight and a much needed win.

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