Cubs All-Stars

Chicago Cubs’ all-time star players

When you talk about American baseball, one of the teams that come to mind is the Chicago Cubs. The Chicago Cubs is an American professional baseball team based in Chicago, which has won the national league championships several times. The team produced some star baseball players in America in the past and continues to do the same. The popularity of the Chicago Cubs can be seen in how their tickets sell like hot cakes during their games. Baseball fans just cannot stop thronging the pitch whenever this team is playing. There are Cubs tickets for sale online and at the stadium.

Some of the star players that this team has produced are as follows:

• Mordecai Brown (b. 1876; d. 1948)–Popularly known as Three Fingers, he recorded six consecutive season wins of 20, pitching 20 innings with an earned run average (ERA) of 2.00. He is also famously remembered for the 1907 and 1908 series, where he earned no runs and which the Cubs won. He led the league in saves in 1908 to 1911.

Bruce Sutter (b. 1953)–This pitcher appeared for the Cubs seven times in 60 games, pitching over 100 innings with an ERA of under 3.00. In 1979, he won the Cy Young Award after attaining 37 saves with a 2.22 ERA. In 1982, he earned a World Series ring. He was a six-time All-Star selection.

Gabby Hartnett (b. 1900; d. 1972)–He is considered as the best catcher who has ever played for the Cubs. In 1930, he gained 37 hits from 339 battings. In the 19 years he played for the team, he helped them win four National League (NL) championships. He was also a six-time All-Star selection and an NL Most Valuable Player.

Ernie Banks (b. 1931)–He was the most valuable player during the 1958 and 1959 seasons and a two-time NL champion in home runs and runs batted in. For six years, he played in every game at shortstop.

Billy Williams (b. 1938)–He played for the Cubs for 30 seasons and was an all-star for six seasons. He is remembered for the Cubs’ 1970 and 1972 ten top-tens in hits, nine top-tens in homers, and eight top-tens in slugging. He was the 1972 NL batting champion.

During their time, these star players influenced the way Cubs tickets for sale were bought because fans really bought large numbers of tickets just to watch these stars in the field.

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