Music Halls in NYC

What’s in Store for Pop and Rock Enthusiasts in New York

New York, the home of many venerated concert places, holds concerts almost every day of the week. For pop and rock enthusiasts, New York is a treat as the music scene never sleeps.

If you’re a fan of The Sound, April is going to be your month. This Swedish, all female, rock band will be at Music Hall of Williamsburg and Webster Hall on April 7 and 10, respectively. On the other hand, April 17 is going to be a dilemma if you both love the Black Lips and Cloud Cult. Both of the bands will be playing on the same day at the Webster Hall and Music Hall of Williamsburg, respectively. If it’s any consolation, you still have a few days left to choose.

If you grew up in the 90s and is kind of missing the music scene then, perhaps Better Than Ezra could cure your melancholy. This New Orleans-based band is going to be at the Irving Plaza on April 23rd. If you don’t want to miss out on this one, you might want to start searching for tickets now. If you look further, you may find some discount concert tickets in New York.

Go back further into the 80s and you’ll have The Pet Shop Boys. If you haven’t seen them play their last 2 albums yet, Elysium and Electric, they will be at Terminal 5 on the 26th of April.

Since we’re at the 80s, let’s talk about Cher. The Goddess of Pop will be visiting New York in May and this time, with her 25th album. Do you think you’re up for a dose of Cher? Well if you are, see her at The Barclays Center on May 9.

The music scene in the 90s is one that can be described as eclectic, diverse and original. But just like all the good things in life, this era had to fade away. The good news is, there are still bands from the 90s that continue tour and bring their music to their fans. I’m talking about Soul Asylum, Everclear, Spacehog and Eve 6. See them at Irving Plaza on June 17 and remember the good old days!

If you’re into pop and rock music, I guess you’re pretty much covered for the next month or so. What’s left for you to do now is scour the internet for discount concert tickets in New York. Who doesn’t love discounts, right?

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