Blast From the Past

The Book of Mormon: Story from the Past

In today’s World where the movies and daily soaps have taken over the whole entertainment industry, there still persists a serene and exquisite charm of the musical theatres. Also known by the name of the musicals, these are the amalgamation of acting, songs, dance along with the spoken dialogues. These theatrical performances present the finest level of acting and entertaining skills of the actors because there is no window for any mistakes as there are no retakes unlike movies. While the whole audience witness and gets lost in the beauty of these musicals, these are the best ways of story-telling along with the touch of anger, love, pathos and humor. This is something different from what you are used to, something new and amusing. Do not hesitate and treat yourself with one more amazing experience.

The Book of Mormon: The Book Itself

Parker and Stone’s musical is based on the actual Book of Mormon, so it’s helpful to understand its history. This masterpiece in the category of the sacred texts was published by one of the most reputed publishers and the founder of the Latter Day Saint Movement, Joseph Smith. Unveiled to the World for the first time in March, 1930; the Book of Mormon is based on the Latter Day Saint Movement and is believed to contain the words and ancient writings of the Prophets who walked on to the land of the American Continent. The Span of time this book covers starts from 2200 BC and ends at 421 AD.

The Book of Mormon: Musical

A story of 2 young Mormon Missionaries who were sent in northern Uganda to a remote village is being beautifully portrayed by Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez. This musical shows the way these 2 Missionaries try to connect with the local people, who are more concerned about wars, diseases and poverty and the cruelty of everyday life; through the Book of Mormon.

With over 7 years of thorough research and development, this musical was presented to the audience for the first time in March 2011. Also, the perfection of this musical can be seen through the prestigious awards it has won, such as Grammy and Tony Awards.
While this is quite an interesting musical, you may book the Tickets for Book of Mormon online at various online portals. It is high time to see something different and introduce at least simple changes to your everyday life. Do not let your everyday life to monotonous. Treat yourself to an extraordinary experience.

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