Devils Rays Beat Everyone!

2014 East AL prediction: Rays to beat out Yankees and Red Sox

Everyone is waiting to see whether Yankees and Red Sox can beat Tampa Rays. Predictions are rife that Rays will beat both Yankees and Red Sox. It is a good idea to buy cheap Yankees tickets to to see whether that will come to pass. Here’s why everyone believes so.

The Rays currently have an unrivaled pitching staff which is expected to keep them in most every game during this season. Think of Alex Cobb, David Price, Matt Moore as well as Jeremy Hellickson that lead quite a young, highly talented staff. What is more, the Tampa Rays also added Grant Balfour this off season to the mix. It won’t be an easy task, for sure. The real question however, is: Will the Red Sox hit and eventually score runs? Certainly yes, so provided Evan Longoria stays fit and healthy and again Wil Myers, as expected, has a breakout season then the Rays might be marching towards their first AL East crown since 2010.

As for the Sox, everything almost went well for them during the past season since they did not have injuries like other teams had and they as well had a great number of their players exceed the expectations. It remains probably not possible to expect that the Sox will be the league leaders in runs this season again, mostly due to Jacoby Ellsbury’s loss at the lineup top. Though the team returns all its five starters, it is indisputable that staying healthy and fit will be paramount, more especially for Clay Buchholz. Hope so that everything will be fine, only then we can be sure that we will see great and really exciting games.

The reason why the Yankees finished 12 games behind the Sox last season was their lack of offense. They however addressed that by adding Carlos Beltran, Ellsbury and Brian McCann in the off season. The offense ought to be improved even after Robinson Cano departed. You might be wondering how CC Sabathia will bounce back, right? You know that it is not the same to watch the game on your television and be there. If you are there, you are part of it. You somehow feel all the emotions of the players, you’re angry when they are, you are happy when they are, so be there with your favorite team. Be sure to buy cheap Yankees tickets to catch the live action. Have a great time!

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