Blast From the Past

The Book of Mormon: Story from the Past

In today’s World where the movies and daily soaps have taken over the whole entertainment industry, there still persists a serene and exquisite charm of the musical theatres. Also known by the name of the musicals, these are the amalgamation of acting, songs, dance along with the spoken dialogues. These theatrical performances present the finest level of acting and entertaining skills of the actors because there is no window for any mistakes as there are no retakes unlike movies. While the whole audience witness and gets lost in the beauty of these musicals, these are the best ways of story-telling along with the touch of anger, love, pathos and humor. This is something different from what you are used to, something new and amusing. Do not hesitate and treat yourself with one more amazing experience.

The Book of Mormon: The Book Itself

Parker and Stone’s musical is based on the actual Book of Mormon, so it’s helpful to understand its history. This masterpiece in the category of the sacred texts was published by one of the most reputed publishers and the founder of the Latter Day Saint Movement, Joseph Smith. Unveiled to the World for the first time in March, 1930; the Book of Mormon is based on the Latter Day Saint Movement and is believed to contain the words and ancient writings of the Prophets who walked on to the land of the American Continent. The Span of time this book covers starts from 2200 BC and ends at 421 AD.

The Book of Mormon: Musical

A story of 2 young Mormon Missionaries who were sent in northern Uganda to a remote village is being beautifully portrayed by Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez. This musical shows the way these 2 Missionaries try to connect with the local people, who are more concerned about wars, diseases and poverty and the cruelty of everyday life; through the Book of Mormon.

With over 7 years of thorough research and development, this musical was presented to the audience for the first time in March 2011. Also, the perfection of this musical can be seen through the prestigious awards it has won, such as Grammy and Tony Awards.
While this is quite an interesting musical, you may book the Tickets for Book of Mormon online at various online portals. It is high time to see something different and introduce at least simple changes to your everyday life. Do not let your everyday life to monotonous. Treat yourself to an extraordinary experience.

Orioles Rich History

The Past and Present History of the Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles are a professional baseball team located in Baltimore, Maryland. The original Baltimore Orioles were one of the oldest teams in baseball, but shortly after they were founded, the team moved to New York and became the New York Yankees. The modern incarnation of the Baltimore Orioles was founded 113 years ago, and is a member of the Eastern Division of the American League of Major League Baseball. The team was originally founded in Milwaukee as the Milwaukee Brewers, where it spent its first year as a Major League team. After that, the team moved to St. Louis where they were named the St. Louis Browns for more than 50 years. The team finally moved to Baltimore and became the Baltimore Orioles in 1953.

The Baltimore Orioles have employed 42 managers in its 113 years. Team members and managers of the Orioles have several responsibilities, including team strategy, leadership, off field trades, etc. Buck Showalter is current team manager and has served the team for the last four years. Of the 42 team managers of Major League Baseball’s American League, 12 have been player managers, meaning that they manage the team and other related trades while still playing as a team member. Since 1992, Baltimore Orioles has played its home games at Oriole Park near Baltimore.

In a recent game, the Baltimore Orioles defeated their rivals the New York Yankees, breaking through with 20 hits in 14-5, in front of an announced crowd of 35,864 people. Fans bought cheap Baltimore orioles tickets to cheer up their players playing on the field that day. The Orioles are expected to make a move DL to place a player on the list, but the team manager has not announced the name yet. According to sources, Jemile Weeks is making his way to join the team for tomorrow’s game. Orioles outfielder David Lough did not play in Tuesday’s game and played the game on Monday in the club’s 4-2 loss against the Yankees.

There was a rumor in the atmosphere about Orioles relief pitcher Evan Meek. After choosing Minor League free agency in 2012, and spending 2013 with the Texas Rangers, Meek joined the Orioles at the start of this season. Meek is exceptionally talented for a relief pitcher, and has started several games as an opener. Look for Meek to be a rising star on the team, as he has exceeded all expectations so far.

No I in Team!

Green Bay Packers’ Star Players

The Green Bay Packers is without a doubt one of the most franchised teams in the National Football League (NFL) with a long history. The Green Bay Packers played their first game over eight decades ago, and since then, they have become a force to be reckoned with. In fact, the Green Bay Packers was the very first team to open a hall of fame. Now let us look at some of the star players who have made the Green Bay Packers a sporting giant.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is quite a phenomenal player. It has been almost seven years since he took over as the starting signal caller for the team. The 2011 NFL Most Valuable Player (MVP) and the Super Bowl XLV champion and MVP, Aaron Rodgers is for sure an asset to the team. It is no surprise that, with him in the team, the Green Bay Packers is certain to go places.

Casey Hayward

You can say without a doubt that with a whopping 53 tackles, Casey Hayward is one of the Packers to actually watch for. In fact, he has had one of the biggest impacts on the overall performance of the team since he debuted. With Casey Hayward right in place, the Green Bay Packers are basically in a very solid state—something they have missed for a very long time.

Datone Jones

For the last few years, the Green Bay Packers have had one of the weakest defenses in the NFL. They have not been able to actually stop the run, letting a remarkable 490 yards in just to playoff. As a way to improve on this weakness, the team had to get Datone Jones, and since he was picked, he has always become one of the first choices of the team.

Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb is another player that the opponent teams really need to watch out for. Together with former New England Patriots Ellis Hobbs and Baltimore Raven Jacoby Jones, Cobb holds the NFL record for the second-longest kickoff return touchdown. The emergence of Randall Cobb is actually one of the reasons why the Green Bay Packers has been performing remarkably well.

If you wish to watch any one of these players in action, you can buy Green Bay Packers tickets. The Green Bay Packers are awesome players, and you will not regret every single dollar you spend to watch any of their games.

Cheap World Series Tickets???

Which team will win the World Series?

Sports enthusiasts are irrepressible, and as the World Series draws closer, their excitement keeps increasing with a lot of enthusiasm and performance related guesses. Fans are mostly evaluating the same big question as to which team will win the World Series, and how to obtain cheap mlb tickets for the games.

Take stock of the odds

The sporting event cannot get more exciting than this, with some of the stars of MLB who have retired, are hurt or disabled yet returning to the playing squad. It is perhaps the first time that such a long list of players are rejoining the squad after spending a long time off the field. Which increases the speculation based on whether the team would be able to pull off a winning act or not.

Major League Baseball is set to see some upset fans and some surprises for its followers and competitors alike, so watch out. It might mean an end of the road for the New York Yankees in the form of underdogs? The Atlanta Braves have some youngsters joining their team which seems to be promising for the team. Texas Rangers have been faced by some injury issues, and there have been other on-field, off-field issues troubling Oakland Athletics which increases the amount of unpredictability in terms of performance levels. These changes have resulted in major shuffling of the ranks and the melting pot keeps bubbling.

Atlanta is still ahead of the Washington Nationals in the division lead and will look keen to keep their advantage. Welcoming back Jason Heyward, they are sure to push ahead with great confidence and steam, for the boost in the team strength will be sure to work as a shot in the arm. How it pans out remains to be seen with the future course of action.

It is all very well to debate the odds sitting in front of the TV and making bets with friends, but to see if one can land some cheap mlb tickets this time and watch all the action play out live in front of you adds to the adrenaline level and overall experience of witnessing history.

Check out where, when, and at what time the games will be held with a simple click of the time tables and book tickets. Have a list of the events for the next four weeks compiled and be ready beforehand, so you can plan your outings to watch your favorite baseball stars in action. The Arizona Diamondbacks are starting off, so its time to kick-start all the action in style!

Devils Rays Beat Everyone!

2014 East AL prediction: Rays to beat out Yankees and Red Sox

Everyone is waiting to see whether Yankees and Red Sox can beat Tampa Rays. Predictions are rife that Rays will beat both Yankees and Red Sox. It is a good idea to buy cheap Yankees tickets to to see whether that will come to pass. Here’s why everyone believes so.

The Rays currently have an unrivaled pitching staff which is expected to keep them in most every game during this season. Think of Alex Cobb, David Price, Matt Moore as well as Jeremy Hellickson that lead quite a young, highly talented staff. What is more, the Tampa Rays also added Grant Balfour this off season to the mix. It won’t be an easy task, for sure. The real question however, is: Will the Red Sox hit and eventually score runs? Certainly yes, so provided Evan Longoria stays fit and healthy and again Wil Myers, as expected, has a breakout season then the Rays might be marching towards their first AL East crown since 2010.

As for the Sox, everything almost went well for them during the past season since they did not have injuries like other teams had and they as well had a great number of their players exceed the expectations. It remains probably not possible to expect that the Sox will be the league leaders in runs this season again, mostly due to Jacoby Ellsbury’s loss at the lineup top. Though the team returns all its five starters, it is indisputable that staying healthy and fit will be paramount, more especially for Clay Buchholz. Hope so that everything will be fine, only then we can be sure that we will see great and really exciting games.

The reason why the Yankees finished 12 games behind the Sox last season was their lack of offense. They however addressed that by adding Carlos Beltran, Ellsbury and Brian McCann in the off season. The offense ought to be improved even after Robinson Cano departed. You might be wondering how CC Sabathia will bounce back, right? You know that it is not the same to watch the game on your television and be there. If you are there, you are part of it. You somehow feel all the emotions of the players, you’re angry when they are, you are happy when they are, so be there with your favorite team. Be sure to buy cheap Yankees tickets to catch the live action. Have a great time!

Music Halls in NYC

What’s in Store for Pop and Rock Enthusiasts in New York

New York, the home of many venerated concert places, holds concerts almost every day of the week. For pop and rock enthusiasts, New York is a treat as the music scene never sleeps.

If you’re a fan of The Sound, April is going to be your month. This Swedish, all female, rock band will be at Music Hall of Williamsburg and Webster Hall on April 7 and 10, respectively. On the other hand, April 17 is going to be a dilemma if you both love the Black Lips and Cloud Cult. Both of the bands will be playing on the same day at the Webster Hall and Music Hall of Williamsburg, respectively. If it’s any consolation, you still have a few days left to choose.

If you grew up in the 90s and is kind of missing the music scene then, perhaps Better Than Ezra could cure your melancholy. This New Orleans-based band is going to be at the Irving Plaza on April 23rd. If you don’t want to miss out on this one, you might want to start searching for tickets now. If you look further, you may find some discount concert tickets in New York.

Go back further into the 80s and you’ll have The Pet Shop Boys. If you haven’t seen them play their last 2 albums yet, Elysium and Electric, they will be at Terminal 5 on the 26th of April.

Since we’re at the 80s, let’s talk about Cher. The Goddess of Pop will be visiting New York in May and this time, with her 25th album. Do you think you’re up for a dose of Cher? Well if you are, see her at The Barclays Center on May 9.

The music scene in the 90s is one that can be described as eclectic, diverse and original. But just like all the good things in life, this era had to fade away. The good news is, there are still bands from the 90s that continue tour and bring their music to their fans. I’m talking about Soul Asylum, Everclear, Spacehog and Eve 6. See them at Irving Plaza on June 17 and remember the good old days!

If you’re into pop and rock music, I guess you’re pretty much covered for the next month or so. What’s left for you to do now is scour the internet for discount concert tickets in New York. Who doesn’t love discounts, right?

Cubs All-Stars

Chicago Cubs’ all-time star players

When you talk about American baseball, one of the teams that come to mind is the Chicago Cubs. The Chicago Cubs is an American professional baseball team based in Chicago, which has won the national league championships several times. The team produced some star baseball players in America in the past and continues to do the same. The popularity of the Chicago Cubs can be seen in how their tickets sell like hot cakes during their games. Baseball fans just cannot stop thronging the pitch whenever this team is playing. There are Cubs tickets for sale online and at the stadium.

Some of the star players that this team has produced are as follows:

• Mordecai Brown (b. 1876; d. 1948)–Popularly known as Three Fingers, he recorded six consecutive season wins of 20, pitching 20 innings with an earned run average (ERA) of 2.00. He is also famously remembered for the 1907 and 1908 series, where he earned no runs and which the Cubs won. He led the league in saves in 1908 to 1911.

Bruce Sutter (b. 1953)–This pitcher appeared for the Cubs seven times in 60 games, pitching over 100 innings with an ERA of under 3.00. In 1979, he won the Cy Young Award after attaining 37 saves with a 2.22 ERA. In 1982, he earned a World Series ring. He was a six-time All-Star selection.

Gabby Hartnett (b. 1900; d. 1972)–He is considered as the best catcher who has ever played for the Cubs. In 1930, he gained 37 hits from 339 battings. In the 19 years he played for the team, he helped them win four National League (NL) championships. He was also a six-time All-Star selection and an NL Most Valuable Player.

Ernie Banks (b. 1931)–He was the most valuable player during the 1958 and 1959 seasons and a two-time NL champion in home runs and runs batted in. For six years, he played in every game at shortstop.

Billy Williams (b. 1938)–He played for the Cubs for 30 seasons and was an all-star for six seasons. He is remembered for the Cubs’ 1970 and 1972 ten top-tens in hits, nine top-tens in homers, and eight top-tens in slugging. He was the 1972 NL batting champion.

During their time, these star players influenced the way Cubs tickets for sale were bought because fans really bought large numbers of tickets just to watch these stars in the field.

Dodging the Competition

The Dodgers Are Dodging Their Way Back into Their Winning Ways

Well, to be honest, there is a lot of dodgy business that is happening with the Dodgers. But of late, especially given their performance against the Giants, it is safe to say that more and more people are likely to get cheap Dodgers tickets and start flocking to the stands just to get a glimpse of the Dodgers playing. Three years ago, Matt Kemp was a highly respected Dodger with some brute power in his swing. This ability earned him a spot in the race to being the most valuable player. Kemp is a two-time MLB All-Star; an NL Home Run, RBI, and Runs Scored Leader; and a member of the 30–30 club. He has also received the NL Hank Aaron Award, the Silver Slugger Award (twice), the Rawlings Gold Glove Award (twice), and the Roy Campanella Award. However, after a series of injuries and rehabilitations, it is safe to say that the young player’s star was dimming, although not yet completely.

That would have been before he made a two-homer performance against the Giants to beat them 6-2. It was Kemp’s best performance in a long time. Not only that, it was also a bit of some much needed good news after Yasiel Puig failed to make the cut with a sore thumb—which kept many sports enthusiasts on their toes. However, it was later revealed that the star would be fine as he had just strained a ligament.

Another Dodger that will get you buying more cheap Dodgers tickets is Zack Greinke. It is not a surprise that this guy always makes the headlines. He has a knack for meeting the expectations of fans and even surpassing them—he was the 2009 MLB earned run average leader—and that is exactly what he did against the Giants as he pitched his team to see them run away with the win. From here things look quite bright not only for the Dodgers but also for the recently-activated-from-the-disabled-list Matt Kemp, especially given the stroke of luck he had to join the starting lineup and the fact that he did not disappoint. This bouncing back of Matt Kemp could be a breath of fresh air for a lot of Dodgers fans and for the man himself. It is worth sticking around and seeing what else the double homers have earned him aside from the instant rise to the limelight and a much needed win.